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We are Wight Druids

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Next Festival: Alban Arthan/Winter Solstice

(A fresh development of this website is under construction at https://wightdruid.wordpress.com/
Comments and suggestions welcome via our 'Contact Us'  menu item)

By star and stone
By the power of the land
Within and without
By all that is fair and free...

LongstoneHAIL, Spirit, and welcome to the online home of Druidry on the Isle of Wight, a small but beautiful and sunny Island just off the south coast of England where the ancestral torch has been re-kindled after many hundreds of years so its inhabitants may once again celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year in harmony with their roots and with their natural surroundings.

This website is intended to be a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about this powerful native tradition and a point of contact for anyone living on the Island, holidaying here or even just passing through who wishes to know more or simply to experience the tremendous beauty and joy of re-establishing intimate contact with the natural world around them, with the ways of their ancestors and with the true depth of their inner instinctive selves.

Wight Druids, or the Grove of Ynys Wyth, was established at Midsummer 2004 to celebrate the eight Druid festivals at the key nodal points of each year in open rites and to provide a nurturing 'home' for all those in search of their true inner selves, their wellspring of inspiration. We are not the only Isle of Wight Druids, although we may well still be the only Isle of Wight Grove to be offering open public celebration of the eight festivals of the wheel of the year at The Longstone, Mottistone, our central Island sacred site.

You are invited to return to this website as it grows and develops to explore further or, in the meantime, click on the Contact us menu item to get in touch directly.
Alternatively, go to the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids website at
for an excellent in-depth tour of modern UK Druidry.

And may your Journey be Blessed.


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