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Home Poetry Karen Cronin Haikus

Karen Cronin

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DURING our recent poetry workshop, Karen Cronin produced a number of delightful haikus, based on the 5-7-5, system. And, for your delight, here they are:


Remembering life
the open leather handbag
mooed as it was closed.

The Champagne Charlies
face up to the Lager Louts.
The best belcher wins.


School girls in white socks
cursed the permanent grass stains
so now go barefoot.

Benevolent moon
illuminating the night
makes the shadows shrink.


The bull observes me.
Should I take a chance and run?
I find the gate locked!

Want to know something?
I have so many secrets!
But I can’t share them.


Icicles shatter.
The wind blows over the lake.
Time to go inside.


I polish the sun
and put away all the stars
before the day dawns.

Tread gently on ice
it may not bear your full weight
and the lake is deep.

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#2 Life, Love and Unity 2011-09-29 09:35
Wonderful. Love the first one and the penultimate one. Thank you for sharing :) :-)
#1 wightdruid 2011-09-27 21:38
Absolutely LOVE these haikus, Karen. So many thanks for sharing them with us :lol:



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