winter spirit

Winter Spirit
Once more, my friends,
The natural cycle has returned
To its Alpha and Omega – beginning and end.
The Black Moon sighs above the horizon
Marking the arrival of the Winter Solstice Season:
Season of remembrance;
Season of yearning;
Season of prayers, Storytelling and Learning.
Now is that secret time of year
When all who listen may hear
The Wisdom of times past,
Now present.
From the North, with spectral lights,
Hern the Hunter intoxicates us with his
Laughter and  warms our spirits.
The wolves are running,
Their trail woven upon the white blanket
Covering the ground,
And surround
The sacred stones.
In the East, across distant lands,
Ride three men –
From the Orient;
The Land of Temples and Spices;
And the Fields of Sumer –
Men of great knowledge;
Men of wondrous foresight;
Follow the bright beckoning light
That  journeys from dawn to dusk
And dusk to dawn;
Guiding them to the living grail
Where homage is paid to the Starchild
New born.
Southern skies glisten
Above silentsailors
And Dreamtime Walkers
Who listen mesmerised with celestial song.
The Lovers embrace in passions strong,
Gazed upon
By the solitary figure,
Who stands,
Slender and young,
Clad in scarlet gown and cape of deepest hue,
‘midst the Shadows of the Forlorn.
She –
Of dreamiest qualities,
With raven tresses,
Eyes as dark as the Mysitic Rose whose thorns caresses
The petals of blooded poppies –
This time may ne’er again be haunted.
And with her,
Let our ears look to the West.
From there the drums,
With Mother Earth’s heart
Resounding with hypnotic tone,
Urging us to chant,
And sing
In celebration.
Link hands, Warriors, Peacemakers,
Creators, Healers,
Rainbow Woman, Man and Child
Yong and Old,
Vagabond and King;
One and all spin
And swirl in this
The Farendole,
The spiral Dance,
Around the flames of hope and aspiration
Sending harmonic prayers
To the highest
With prayer
Of Hope
My dear friends,
As the raven watches,
And the hawk soars, sending out a soothing cry,
Let me wish you the Best of Yule Time
Seasonal Greetings
And –
Whatever creed you may be –
Bring you Peace,
And eternal Harmony.

Blessed Be.