THE word Awen in the Welsh language means "inspiration," "essence", "the poetic muse". In modern Druidry, the Awen represents the breath of the divine.

This breath of the divine is the life essence of the natural world. The breath flows constantly around and through us and is the source of spiritual strength and illumination, prophetic insight and poetic inspiration. In chanting the Awen we seek to connect to the breath of the divine to achieve balance with it and replenish our energy system.

Symbolized by three straight lines that spread apart as they move downward, the three strokes in this symbol are three shafts of light from the Sun which represent "earth, sea (water) and air"; "body, mind and spirit"; "love, wisdom and truth". Three separate parts that the Awen brings into perfect balance.

Repeated three or nine times, the word ‘Awen’ is chanted as three syllables: AH-OO-WEN


Awen,                                                                                                                                                                                                           Power of inspiration, attend to us.
Voice of the fire of wisdom,
Voice of the well of inspiration,
Come into our hearts.
Make us aware of every good or ill.