EISTEDDFOD, for the groves adopting this form of celebration, follows the formal ritual of Druidry and is the party bit of the festival.

All those taking part in the festival rites are invited to share the harvest of their personal inspiration, through music, storytelling, poetry, dance or other form of creative expression. Each member of the grove is invited to bring a contribution for the Eisteddfod - read a poem, tell a story, play or sing music - whether it be their own work or simply something that has inspired them. But nobody is put on the spot and asked to deliver when the time comes. It's up to each to share what they will, if they will and, if not, simply to observe and enjoy and, if they will, join in.

The Eisteddfod area of this site, which includes offerings from grove members and friends, works in much the same way. Offerings will appear as items in the drop-down Eisteddfod menu above.

Submissions are invited for this area of the website, including sound and video files.

* Submissions will not necessarily be published, although we operate an open and liberal policy that means most are likely to be approved. In common with most ethical websites, we also operate a 'take-down' policy, which means that any items generating what we consider to be valid objections will be removed from the site. That remote situation has not yet arisen and because of the qualities of our contributors and site moderators, we feel it is a pretty unlikely scenario.

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